Green Cleaning Services

Landlords, building owners and office managers seek to provide a pleasant, safe working environment for employees and clients alike. At Town House, we believe one way to do that is to  ensures that your work environment is cleaned and sanitized without harsh chemicals that could aggravate sensitivities or allergies. 


And, just as it's important to protect the surroundings of your employees, tenants and visitors, Town House believe it's equally as important to respect and protect the external environment. That's why we use green cleaning products whenever possible. 

In addition to ensuring your facility looks clean, we focus on ensuring it's healthy for all those who enter. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the cleaning products we choose, we also seek to:

  • Promote water and energy conservation with our choice of cleaning equipment and systems.

  • Reduce waste and consumption of finite resources.

  • Participate in recycling programs.

  • Advocate for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cleaning across New York City.

Window Cleaning Services