Flameproofing is the process of treating curtains, drapes and hanging fabric to reduce the fabric's flammability in public buildings and spaces. 

According to the New York City Fire Department and the 2008 New York Fire Code, all curtains, draperies and hanging fabric in any laboratory, place of public assembly, educational or common area (lobby, waiting area, etc.) in any business or residential buildings must be flame resistant as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 Standard. Products made of fabric that is not inherently flame resistant must be treated with flameproofing by a person holding a “Certificate of Fitness for flameproofing.” The material must be re-treated and certified after cleaning or pressing or every three years, whichever is sooner. 

The New York Fire Department regulations, as outlined above, apply to all public buildings including:

  • Hotels

  • Buildings used for entertainment, public assembly or instruction

  • Public gathering spaces

  • Theaters

  • Department stores

We are proud to carry the Certificate of Fitness for Flameproofing from FDNY. Only a person holding this certification is authorized to flameproof or personally supervise the flameproofing of the materials to be used inside public buildings.

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