Window Cleaning Services

In New York City, cleaning the exterior of windows is no easy task. At Town House we offer a variety of ways to safely and efficiently reach and clean the exterior windows of your office or residential building.

Exterior Access

  • Scaffold – permanent or temporary equipment

  • Bosun chair

  • Boom truck

  • Extension pole or ladder


Interior Access

  • Tilt in

  • Casements

Note: Due to safety concerns, we do not accept any new clients for                                                                  belt style windows. 

Other Window Cleaning Services

  • Regular Wash

    • Light dirt and dust removal

  • Post Construction Cleaning

    • Remove construction debris, silicone, etc.

  • Restorative Cleaning

    • This type of cleaning is commonly referred to as an acid wash, but does not always require the use of acids. These services are intended to remove hard water stains from glass.

A Note On Window Cleaning Safety

We follow the rules and regulations set forth by IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and NYS DOL (Department of Labor) to ensure we perform all window cleaning services safely and effectively. Because of our commitment to safety, our employees:

  • Never extend their bodies (past the shoulders) outside a window when working with interior access.

  • Will not stand on an interior window ledge and extend body outside of building.

  • Will not stand on any outside ledge to reach glass panels not accessible from proper inside lead.

  • All tools will be tethered to body. 

We utilize safety restraint systems whenever possible. 

Window Cleaning Services