At Town House, we believe in working smarter, which is why we’ve embraced new technologies that help us be more efficient and provide more value to our clients. Currently, in addition to the traditional ways to connect with us, we offer customers access to us through, Kickserv, a service software customized for Town House Cleaning. This software allows for a seamless connection between our account management staff, cleaning staff, and client.

We can send photos before, during and at the completion on a job and provide detailed and at-a-glance records of each job, keeping our clients up-to-date and in the know. Additionally, clients can review pervious work performed by us and message us directly through the software. Not only will the addition of this style software help us in the office and on the job site, it allows customers to be more involved in the cleaning of their space.


Benefits of Maintenance Cleaning Programs

  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Ability for your building staff to focus on other tasks
  • Discounts on per-service pricing
  • A reliable, experienced team of cleaners that is familiar with your space and needs
  • Ease of maintenance between cleaning visits