Marble and other natural stone surfaces can make a lasting and impactful impression in your space. However, if the material is dull, scratched, uneven or worn, that impression may not be a positive one.

Maintain the glimmer and beauty of marble with the help of Town House Specialty Cleaning. As a trusted top-tier marble cleaning company in New York, we offer commercial and residential cleaning services, but we especially pay close attention to marble floor polishing, surface cleaning, and restoration in NYC.

Whether it’s flooring, countertops, stairwells or other surfaces, marble and natural stone surfaces require highly specialized care, which our team at Town House goes to great lengths to deliver. We work with all marble and natural stone surfaces to ensure they remain beautiful and protected.


Our marble floor cleaning services in NYC include:

  • Honing and Marble Polishing

    We recommend honing and polishing your floors annually. This process renews the shine of your stone and helps remove surface scratches as well as signs of wear and tear. Depending on the level of foot traffic in your space, our marble floor polishers can supplement this annual service with periodic polishing to maintain its best appearance.

  • Marble Restoration and Stain Removal

    As natural stone is porous, staining is not only possible, it’s highly likely. When staining does occur, we can lift the stain up from within the stone by use of a poultice, buffing the stone afterward to ensure the surface is even is often recommended.

  • Marble Surface Repair: Sealing and Protecting

    Marble sealer protects the stone against stains while allowing it to breathe.

  • Crack and Chip Repair

    Not just unsightly, a crack or chip on marble can be dangerous. A sharp, ragged edge can cut skin, and if the crack is on the floor and too pronounced, it can cause people to trip. Our marble surface repair is a much more affordable alternative to replacing cracked marble tiles or blocks. Our technicians repair cracks and chips expertly, ensuring they come out seamless, reducing the appearance of any damage.

  • Wax Stripping

    At Town House, we do not use topical sealer with marble or natural stone as it does not allow the stone to breathe properly. Topical sealers may also appear yellow in color over time, making your stone look discolored. However, if your stone has an existing layer of wax on it, we can remove it before treating the stone properly.

  • Terrazzo Flooring

    While Terrazzo is not 100% natural stone, it can be cleaned and polished in the same way as natural marble. Terrazzo is noon-porous so it doesn’t stain easily, however, it can lose its gloss and shine thanks to constant foot traffic, abrasions, and even commercial polish. Fortunately, our team can restore your Terrazzo to its former glory.

Benefits of Marble Polishing Services

  • Prevents severe signs of wear and tear
  • Protects against staining with proper sealants
  • Our tailored approach to marble maintenance protects your investment