Carpet Cleaning Services

It’s all too easy for carpets to look worn. Between heavy foot traffic, spills, dirt and dust, they can easily show their wear and tear – and give off the wrong impression about your space. Ensuring your carpets are clean and well-maintained will keep them looking vibrant and keep your space looking fresh.

At Town House, carpet cleaning is one of our specialties. General carpet care, such as spot sweeping and regular vacuuming, picks up surface-level dust and dirt and is included with our regular maintenance cleaning programs. We also handle deep cleaning of carpets and carpeted floors for our clients to ensure dust, dirt and potential allergens that have settled deeper into the carpet fibers are being properly removed. With the right approach, carpet cleaning provides a difference you can feel.

Carpet Shampooing & Extraction

  • A full carpet deep clean is recommended on an annual basis in commercial spaces where foot traffic is high. While this service can be performed any time of year, we typically recommend this in the spring as the snow and salt from the winter season can be harsh on carpets.
  • We take care to preserve each carpet’s color while making it look fresh and clean.
  • We utilize deodorizing agents to remove smells from mold, mildew and other odor-causing bacteria.
  • We clean wall-to-wall carpet, square tile carpet and area rugs, taking great care to protect their integrity.


Spot Cleaning

  • Our spot cleaning approach is highly specific to the type of carpet, pile and stain, as different materials and stains – dirt, coffee, wine, ink, etc. – require different levels of care.
  • We use gentle hand scrubbing and specialized stain treatments to carefully and methodically lift stains while protecting the carpet’s color and pile.
  • For stubborn stains, we may also use a hand extractor to isolate stains and ensure focused treatment.
  • In addition to focusing on the stained area, we often recommend cleaning the entire carpet to maintain a consistent look and avoid any visual differences between the spot cleaned area and the rest of the carpet.
  • We offer an offsite cleaning service for tough stains on area rugs, complete with pickup and delivery that will have your rug looking as good as new.