Food markets are quite unique in that a large number of small eateries and shops share common areas including dining areas, hallways, bathrooms and more. These markets attract large crowds daily and require consistent upkeep.

At Town House, we often work with food markets to clean and maintain their common areas during open hours, and then provide more thorough cleaning services overnight to prepare the space for guests the following day. As an added benefit, when a food market partners with us to clean common areas, they can also offer Town House cleaning services to each eatery for more thorough kitchen cleanings and each individual shop for complete floor or warehouse cleanings.

Regular Cleaning Maintenance Programs

Our janitorial services include housekeeping needs, such as:

  • Bathroom cleaning and restocking of supplies
  • Clean and mop common area floors
  • Trash removal
  • Sanitizing shared tables and other high touch points
  • Dusting services
Young waiter wearing protective face mask while cleaning tables while working in a cafe

Specialty Cleaning Services

  • Non-carpeted floor cleaning and degreasing

    We clean and degrease all flooring in public spaces using a tailored approach.

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  • Disinfection services

    We use CDC and EPA approved cleaning agents and hospital-grade disinfectants to clean, sanitize and disinfect all high touch point surface areas, including bathrooms and doors.

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  • Metal refinishing

    Before you consider replacing metal surfaces that are dull or damaged, let Town House’s metal cleaning experts evaluate them to see if they can be restored or refinished.

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  • Detailed kitchen cleaning

    When operating a commercial kitchen, it’s crucial to keep the space clean, safe and fully compliant with all industry and health regulations. Doing so protects patrons and employees from a variety of food-borne illnesses and potential dangers, such as slips and falls.

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  • Staffing Services

    Our porter, matron and steward services can augment your team and provide you with additional personnel to help with general maintenance and a variety of other roles throughout open hours.

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Benefits of Partnering with Town House

  • Ability to offer Town House as a cleaning contractor for each eatery and shop
  • Turnkey janitorial, specialty cleaning and staffing services
  • Professional, specially trained, fully insured cleaning experts
  • Unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail
  • Flexible availability to fit your schedule
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee