Selling townhomes or units in a condo building - and ensuring tenants are satisfied - is easier when the building is tidy and well maintained. With Town House, New York City’s top commercial cleaning company, that’s never a worry. We work with property managers to clean model units and shared amenity areas so people can better envision themselves in the space when they look to purchase in the building, meaning they are more likely to buy.

When units are completely sold, most property managers keep us on to continue cleaning all common areas, including the lobby, hallways, gyms and public bathrooms. As an added benefit, when property managers partner with us to clean common areas, they can also offer Town House cleaning services to each tenant for more personalized cleaning services. Our team of professional cleaners offers every cleaning service you may need, making it easier than ever to keep your building in excellent shape and create a welcoming environment that makes a lasting impression.

Regular Cleaning Maintenance Programs

Our janitorial services include housekeeping needs, such as:

  • Lobby cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning and restocking of supplies
  • Sweeping and mopping of non-carpeted floors
  • Vacuuming carpeted floors
  • Tenant hallway cleaning
  • Low and high dusting services
  • Sanitizing desks and common areas

Specialty Cleaning Services

  • Non-carpeted floor cleaning

    We clean all types of flooring - including tile, terrazzo, laminate, hardwood and more - using a tailored approach that helps protect your investment.

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  • Deep carpet cleaning

    Our deep carpet cleaning services ensure dust, dirt and potential allergens that have settled deeper into the carpet fibers are being properly removed. With the right approach, carpet cleaning provides a difference you can feel.

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  • Window maintenance

    While cleaning windows may seem fairly simple, there are actually specific window washing methods and equipment used to remove dirt, fingerprints, smog and grime - and achieve the crystal clear, streak-free look that helps your space look its best.

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  • Metal maintenance

    Let Town House’s metal cleaning experts restore or refinish your metal surfaces to keep them looking like new.

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  • Marble polishing

    Whether it’s flooring, countertops, stairwells or other surfaces, marble and natural stone surfaces require highly specialized care. We work with all marble and natural stone surfaces to ensure they remain beautiful and protected.

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  • Sidewalk and exterior maintenance

    We handle the removal of snow, sleet and ice, sidewalk cleaning during construction, power washing and more to reduce your liability and keep up curb appeal.

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  • Disinfection services

    We use CDC and EPA approved cleaning agents and hospital-grade disinfectants to clean, sanitize and disinfect all high touch point surface areas, including bathrooms and doors.

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  • Post-construction cleaning

    We work with property managers to provide a full detailed cleaning and high dusting to get new construction ready for inspection or move-in.

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  • Staffing Services

    Our porter, matron and steward services can augment your team, keep bathrooms clean and stocked, trash cans from overflowing and floors clean of potential spills and hazards in addition to a variety of other roles.

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Benefits of Partnering with Town House

  • Ability to offer Town House as a cleaning contractor for each tenant
  • Turnkey janitorial, specialty cleaning and staffing services
  • Professional, specially trained, fully insured cleaning experts
  • Unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail
  • Flexible availability to fit your schedule
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee