Deep cleaning is an essential part of the process when there is construction - from minor renovations to build-outs and new builds - especially after completion. Following construction projects large and small, property managers turn to Town House Specialty Cleaning for deep cleaning and a wide range of post-construction cleaning services in New York City.

We are typically enlisted in the early to mid stages of a construction project. We can provide building construction cleaning services throughout the entirety of the construction process, ensuring that each building stage starts on a clean foundation. In addition, we often come in at the end of a project to provide complete, detailed cleaning and prepare the space for inspection or move-in.

Professional and Dependable Building Construction Cleaning

Safety is a priority for us at Town House. Therefore, we cover all the bases whenever and wherever we provide post-construction cleaning services.

We often work with new builds that do not yet have a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) and need us to provide OSHA-certified cleaners to ensure the project remains in code. Our team will give you peace of mind, since we adhere to safety protocols are in charge, ensuring everyone’s safety while they are on your property.  

Our OSHA-certified employees receive 40 hours of specialized safety training and are adequately outfitted to manage hazardous conditions that may be present on site. Everyone on our team wears a hard hat, mask, clothing appropriate for construction workspaces, gloves and boots. Additionally, we provide ongoing safety refresher courses to ensure our employees always keep safety top of mind.

Post Construction Cleaning Services NYC

We provide post-building cleaning to residential and commercial clients. Although we follow strict procedures for safety and efficiency, we are very flexible in our overall approach. We consider your space, location, the nature of your business, the materials we collect, and any other needs or preferences. 

Each cleaning project is meticulously planned. From our first meeting, we discuss the scope of our work, your expectations, limitations, and other essential factors. We also prepare contingency plans in case the weather doesn’t go as expected. Finally, we address any pre-work concerns so that on the day we arrive, we can focus on the job at hand.

Our deep cleaning post construction services include:

  • Cleaning of all public, tenant, guest and Back of House areas
  • Maintenance of model units
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of windows and window frames
  • Removal of paint, silicone and debris from glass surfaces
  • Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Dusting flat surfaces such as tables, countertops and shelving
  • Polishing of knobs, handles and switches
  • Dusting and wiping of light sources
  • Removal of construction debris
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of all food surfaces
  • Trash removal

Benefits of Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Customized cleaning post construction services based on the size and duration of the project
  • A reliable, experienced team of cleaners
  • OSHA-certified employees provide services when TCO is not yet available
  • Fine detail cleaning services for tenants before they move in