In New York City, property owners are required to maintain the sidewalk adjacent to their property and up to 18 inches into the street. That means sidewalk repairs and the removal of snow, ice and debris falls squarely on their shoulders. Not doing this properly can result in liability for personal injuries caused by failing to maintain reasonably safe conditions on the sidewalk.

We work with New York City property owners to maintain sidewalks during snow, sleet and ice, construction and other instances to reduce your liability and the potential for injury. Additionally, given that the condition of sidewalks plays a key role in curb appeal for your building, we provide power washing services to remove graffiti and grime, making them look clean and tidy.

Our sidewalk maintenance services include:

  • Pre-snow sidewalk salting
  • Sidewalk snow removal and salting (both during and after storms)
  • Sidewalk sweeping and debris removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Graffiti removal from sidewalks and storefronts
  • Window cleaning maintenance for ground level storefronts and canopies/awnings
  • General exterior ground-level maintenance

Benefits of Sidewalk Maintenance

  • Reduce liability risk for your property
  • Stay in compliance with New York City rules to maintain reasonable safe sidewalk conditions
  • Help prevent personal injuries
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Free your team up to handle other tasks