Clean office space, white office spaceEvery year, January 1 rolls around and with it comes a remarkable opportunity to start anew. As employees come back from holiday vacations with a renewed sense of motivation, it is essential that employers use this time to truly support employees and create a space that better suits office needs. But, how can you do that? Simple, clean up your office space. 

Studies have shown that a clean and organized workspace is crucial for increasing employee productivity. Likewise, a cluttered and dirty office can negatively impact the ability to focus. 


4 Benefits of a clean office space 

  1. Increased productivity
    • A clean and organized office space reduces physical distractions, meaning employees are better able to focus, access files or resources, and manage their
      time appropriately. Additionally, a clean office space can reduce stress levels as employees are less likely to feel overwhelmed or anxious as a result of the space.
  1. Health and wellbeing
    • Regular cleaning helps eliminate dust, dirt, germs and allergens that can trigger illness, allergic reactions and respiratory issues. High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and common area surfaces should be a cleaning priority as this can reduce employee sicknesses, and therefore employee sick days.
  1. Professional appearance 
    • A clean office space creates a positive and professional impression on visitors and clients. It also strengthens a sense of pride and morale among employees.
  1. Financial Savings
    • Investing in regular cleaning and organization promotes long term financial savings as it prolongs the life of office furniture and supplies.

Productive Office EmployeeRemember, cleanliness is not a one and done thing. Hiring a professional cleaning company, like Town House, to help with all areas of office cleaning from deep cleaning carpets to regular janitorial cleaning, bathrooms, kitchens and common areas can ensure your office is clean and your employees are prepared for a productive year.  Visit to learn more about our maintenance janitorial cleaning services. 

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