Cleanliness and sanitation should be among your top concerns when moving into a new office space. No one wants to move into a dirty office, especially if you don’t know the previous tenants and the mess they left behind.

In this blog, we’ll show you our top office cleaning tips before and after moving into a new office.

Must-Do’s Before Moving Into Your New Office

If your new commercial office building is nearby and you can visit the place anytime before the official move-in day, here are some things we recommend you do to ensure you have a problem-free start at your new location:

1. Deep-clean Your Office Furniture and Carpets

When bringing your old office furniture and carpets to your new office, you don’t want to bring any dirt along. It’s better to have all your office furniture deep-cleaned and your rugs and carpets professionally washed before bringing them to your new office.

Getting these things done before moving would be wise if you’re unfamiliar with the area. For instance, it might be a while before you find a nearby carpet cleaner. So, to avoid having a dirty couch and dusty carpet in your new office and enduring them for weeks, have them cleaned before moving.

2. Deep-clean the Flooring and Permanent Carpets in the Office

If you decide to keep the flooring and carpeting in the office as is, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. If they’ve been used for years already, better hire professional cleaners because using a regular or steam vacuum may not be enough to extract deep-seated dirt in carpets.

3. Disinfect Your New Office

In light of the recent global health crisis, you must ensure your workplace is free from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Disinfect your office space while there are still no furniture, cabinets, and desks standing in the way. You can do the DIY method of scrubbing the walls and floors with bleach or non-toxic disinfectant. However, if you don’t have the time, equipment, or know-how and want to be sure your new office will be properly disinfected, hire a cleaning company that offers office disinfection services. Disinfecting before bringing in your furniture and other office essentials prevents viruses and bacteria from contaminating your belongings.

4. Clean From Top to Bottom

This tip is textbook and is worth repeating: clean your new offices from top to bottom. You can remove dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and crown molding before cleaning the window sills, walls, baseboards, and floors. For open shelving, wipe the shelves with a wet rag followed by a dry one, and do the same for closed storage. The top-to-bottom strategy ensures you won’t have to clean the same spot multiple times.

Office Cleaning Tips Post-Move

Suppose you’ve already arrived at your new office and have finished unpacking. You’ll then have many packing materials and things you only realized you no longer need to dispose of. Additionally, the moving crew and people helping with the move will inevitably track dirt inside your office, as everyone’s primary concern would be getting everything safely inside. No one will be dusting off their shoes on the mat outside the door while carrying heavy boxes, for example. In light of all that clutter, post-move cleaning is definitely necessary.

Here are our top post-move office cleaning tips:

1. Start with a Broom, Mop, or Vacuum Cleaner

Suppose you had your office professionally cleaned before moving in. In that case, you’ll likely only have to deal with loose dirt tracked inside the premises when the moving crew and your staff carry in the furniture, desks, and other office supplies. So start by sweeping or mopping the floor, vacuuming, and dusting the shelves and desks to get rid of the dust and loose dirt.

2. Disinfect All Exposed Surfaces and Furniture

Many hands will have touched your desks, cabinets, and other large furniture. If they have reflective or mirrored surfaces, they will surely be smudged. So pay attention to these exposed surfaces and wipe them clean with a disinfectant. Also, be mindful of the material you’re cleaning. If your conference table has a glass top, for example, use a glass cleaner to remove the dirt and smudges, and if it’s polished wood, use an appropriate wood polish before using a disinfecting product.

3. Organize Cords and Cables

IT staff usually arrive later in the day or the following day to set up computer stations, electronics, and the on-site network. To avoid tripping accidents and ensure you can clean comfortably, organize the wires and cables on computers, printers, landline phones, and smart appliances as neatly as you can while waiting for the IT team to hook them up. Use cable ties or cord organizers to get them all out of the way (your IT team can also use them to tidy long wires after installation).

4. Organize Your Kitchen or Pantry Right Away

If your office has a kitchenette or pantry, you’ll want to make that room usable as soon as possible. If you have employees helping to clean and organize the new office, they will be in and out of the kitchen to drink water, eat snacks, or rest after working. So clean and organize the kitchen or pantry area as soon as possible. Set up and wipe the tables and chairs, unbox the glasses and cutlery, plug in the refrigerator and stock up on refreshments, and remove clutter and boxes that don’t belong there.

5. Consider A Regular Professional Cleaning Service

Dedicating one or two full days to cleaning and organizing your new office is doable, but doing it again soon would be difficult. Cleaning days disrupt your everyday business, and your employees will inevitably get disturbed and distracted. The best option is to clean after hours, but you’ll have to pay your custodians overtime.

Hiring a professional cleaning company for regular cleaning and maintenance is a sound alternative. Even better, you can be sure your office will be superbly cleaned because they have the best tools and know-how in office cleaning. Since cleaning companies can start beyond regular business hours, there won’t be major disruptions to your everyday business.

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Moving into a new office takes a lot of work and planning. It’s tiring but also exciting to start anew. The environment in your office will play an essential role in this new chapter of your business. Provide your employees with a clean, comfortable workplace that promotes productivity, and your business will reap many benefits.

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